Super Sync (in process)

roeland luyten

'SuperSync' is a project based on a research in three parts to the extent to which sound, movement and voice can meet in a super synchronous manner. Within the context of a dance and theater performance different soundcue possibilities are researched.

One part, 'Fine Mechanics', focuses on how sound triggers a dance movement and how a dance sequence follows the sound. In another section, 'Plasma', lies the focus on how the sound manipulates the movement and how the movement seems to transform the sound. In the third section, 'VoiceSync', will the text become the score of the framework of the rhythmic interplay between the narration and the triggered recordings of voice clips and electroacoustic sounds.

This research was supported by a grant awarded by the Flemish Community.

with: Roeland Luyten, Kayoko Minami, Judith Clijsters, Jessa Wildemeersch and Ugo Dehaes
support: TAKT Dommelhof, Q-02, the Flemish Community and Kwaadbloed