ugo dehaes - kwaadbloed (april 2013)

Since a couple of years, Flemish choreographer Ugo Dehaes is fascinated by the person behind the dancer. For this research he gathers large groups to work on very physical performances.
Last season he portrayed eight female dancers in 'WOMEN', all aged between 30 and 60. The response was overwhelmingly positive and show got rightfully selected for Het Theaterfestival.
For 'Grafted' Ugo Dehaes gathered 5 dance-couples to work on an even bigger show. These couples work together for years - most of them are also together as a couple in real life - and in 'Grafted' they work only and always with each other. They are completely fused together, comparable to an organ that is sewn into a new host-body or a branch grafted to an old tree.
The dancers work hard to defy gravity, playing with the mechanics of ballet or even acrobatics. But throughout this spectacular choreography we mainly see people struggling with each other and themselves to keep their relation alive.
Expect a powerful, but sober show with a wink to the earlier, more visual work of Ugo's oeuvre.

choreografie: Ugo Dehaes

creatie en dans: Evelyne Rossie & Miguel do Vale, Jenna Jalonen & Attila Ronai, Kayoko Minami & Dominique Godderis-Chouzenoux, Louise Tanoto & Jake Ingram-Dodd, Rita Vilhena & Pawel Konior

muziek insert: Roeland Luyten

video insert: Arne Lievens
kostuum insert: Rebecca Flores ism. Eugenie Poste & Marie Messien

productie: kwaad bloed
co-productie:  STUK Leuven, TAKT Dommelhof
met de steun van: de Vlaamse Gemeenschap
met dank aan:  cc Berchem, cc Brugge, de Velinx, de Warande, C-mine, de Werft en de Pianofabriek
met de hulp van: Kris Soret, Marleen Roels, Violette Melia, Bart Alders, Gratje Cornelissen, alle dansers die meededen aan de auditie en de technische ploeg van STUK

Ce projet a été soutenu par la SACD

Grafted trailer
Duration : 07:17