kataline patkaï - cie patkaï(2004)

A woman's body grabbing hold of plastic objects. Combinations of shapes, reversed senses and games of opposition build up, invent and penetrate some of our fantasies without decoding them alltogether. Through this prism, ambiguity conjures up alternative thoughts, revealing a state-space for freedom. (kataline)

coréalisation Mains d'Oeuvres avec le soutien d' IXKIZIT Compagnie Joel Borges et d' Adami, artistes-interprètes

concept-choreographer: Kataline Patkaï 
assisted by: Ugo Dehaes 
performers: Kataline Patkaï, Mickaël Phelippeau 
music: Roeland Luyten 
set light designer: Pierre Jorge Gonzalez